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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Flowers of Manchester ... Flowers of English Football.

        Manchester, Manchester United !!!
        A bunch of bouncing Busby Babes,
        They deserve to be knighted.

         If ever they are playing in your town,
         You must get to that football ground,
         Take a lesson come and see,
            Football taught by Matt Busby !!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Second Umrah

     Some JOURNEYS change our life forever and one such journey happened in february 2013. I was blessed with the Umrah. It changed everything about me. Yes EVERYTHING.
     Well! Moving on, Leaving both Makkah & Madinah was the hardest possible thing that I could ever witness. In that very sad state of mind, I said to myself I will be back soon. And yes I prayed that I get a call soon to the city of my beloved صلى الله عليه وسلم. AND exactly after 10 months,I went to Makkah & Madinah to perform Umrah for the second time in the calendar year. #FeelingBlessed

      Below are the few snaps my iPhone managed to take while my stay in Saudi Arabia. I have tried to give it the touch of Naats. I really hope you people enjoy it. :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Change is InEvitable !!!

Hello Everyone !!!

CHANGE!!! To Start with,To be honest I have always Feared Change in My Life. But If I look Back, Now It seems that it all happened for the good. And Recently,It seems that Everything around is Changing at the Speed of Light BUT The Fear in me is Disappeared. Good Sign May Be :P
  For Example, The Biggest Change to Happen was College Life to Work Life.  The transition from college life to work life seems to be a challenge But its Exciting as hell. NOT :P … But then,It had to happen.
   Another Change,Which is Hard to Accept is the Manager Of Manchester United a.k.a. SIR Alex Ferguson. Well,This is the Classic example of the fact that Everything had to Change after some period of time.
   As a Matter of Fact,Steve Jobs is No More and That’s Another Change which is Hard to take As I Guess,My Life is Highly Influenced by him.

Now,Coming to the Main Point :P Why this Blog Post ? Well,This is just to Notify all my Lovely Stalkers that there will be a change in Blogging Platform hereafter. Wordpress It Is. So that’s a Change : Blogger to Wordpress.
You can ALSO reach me now at :   www.ebrahimkondkar.in

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My First Umrah : ❤ MAKKAH & MADINAH! ❤

Lagta Hai Kya Suhana,Sarkar   Ka Madinah 
       First of all,I had given it a thought and came to the conclusion that I wont be able to express myself .No words can describe the feeling of entering the blessed Haram of both Makkah & Madina. What will an ignorant sinner like me do justice in describing the light of Makkah & Madina? What will I be able to explain the breeze of Madinah? What will I be able to describe the fragrance of Makkah & Madina? Infact - none of us will be able to describe with true justice what it is to be sitting in Makkah & Madina. None of us have the capability of explaining the sweetness of that City, none can capture in words the overwhelming sense of dignity and honour in that City. But does that mean we shouldn't speak of it? Does that mean we shouldn't even try to remember  it?
Obviously NOT!
     It was a dream come true …  Definitely ,Beyond Words-Beyond Expectations …  And 2 Places are already missed.

♬  Meri baat ban gayi hai teri baat karte karte
Mein Madine jaa raha tha teri naat padhte padhte ♬ ♫ ♪    

     Since I am a big fan of Naats,The Whole Journey was Musical! I was Murmuring with the Likes of “Mein Madina Chala “,”Madine Ka Safar Hai”,”Aaya Hai Bulawa Mujhe Darbare Nabi Se”,” Nabi Nabi Kehte Madine Chale Jaayenge”  …  etc etc . After Travelling Miles and Miles,We finally Reached our First Destination – Al Madina!  There Lays a Mosque,Popularly Known as  “Masjid-e-Nabawi”.In that Mosque lays the grave of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) along side his two faithful companions and the first two caliphs in the Islamic rule, Abu-Bakr and Omar ibn Alkhattab.

   ♬ Jab Gumbad e khazra pe woh pehli nazar gayi,
♪ Meri Nazar Ke Saamne,Gumbad Ho woh Haraa Fakat! 
Aakhon ke raaste dil mein utar gayi  ♬ ♫ ♪ 

      I almost felt his presence… reflecting how on these places and spaces he must’ve walked once ..  and the essence and foundation of the Islamic Ummah was established there… the Mosque certainly has a strong impact on any soul entering with the consciousness of the importance of that mosque and who lays alive in memory underneath the green dome.
    Well,While Talking about Masjid-e-Nabawi one cannot complete without mentioning “Al-Riyad-ul-Jannah” , ”Ar-Rawdah” & “Jannat ul Baqi

Al-Riyad-ul-Jannah :

     The heart of the mosque houses a very special but small area named al-Riad-ul-Jannah, which extends from Muhammad's tomb (Rawdah) to his pulpit (minbar). Pilgrims attempt to visit and pray in Riad-ul-Jannah, for there is a tradition that supplications and prayers uttered here are never rejected.Al-Riad-ul-Jannah is considered part of Jannah . It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah that Muhammad said: "The area between my house and my minbar is one of the gardens (rawdah) of Paradise, and my minbar is on my cistern (hawd)"
    On my first day in Madinah, I didn’t get chance to visit “Al-Riyad-ul-Jannah” because that small place is too crowded.That small place can accommodate only a few hundred of people at one time where thousands of people trying to grab the opportunity to enter. If you have no fate, the chance for you to enter that place is almost impossible. Finally, on the third day in Madinah, I got chance to be there.

     Jannat ul Baqi  aka "The Garden of Heaven"  : It is a cemetery located to the southeast of the Masjid al-Nabawi. It contains many of Muhammad's relatives and companions.

   ♬ Dafan Tere Jannat Ul Baqi mein, Kitne Chaand Sitaare.
Woh Ahlal Kubur Duniya,Jinhe Karti Salaam.

     For the First time in my Life,The Period 8 Days seemed so short. I loved the tranquility of Madinah, wish we could have stayed longer! ... Leaving Madinah was THE MOST PAINFUL Feeling I have ever Experienced.


♪ Kaabe Ki Raunaq,Kaabe ka Manzar ( Allahu Akbar ) 
   With the Intention to perform Umrah,We wore Ihrams and were off to Makkah. The State of the Heart was Inexpressable ,as we were Heading to Allah’s Home. After around 5 hours of journey we reached the city of Makkah.Dumped our luggages in the Hotel and were Heading to Masjid Al Haram.While Walking towards Kaaba Shareef,I was Drowned with a Plenty of Thoughts. I just Cant Wait to watch the Kaaba Shareef. I see a lot of Ka’bah still pictures back home, and now I finally would see it myself. I was walking slowly, and I can see Ka’bah appear. Formed as a simple but attractive black cube, it’s the center of moslem’s prayer around the world. I stopped for a moment. My tears just fell down. Mixed of unexplainable feelings. I’ve been seeing this moment in my dreams. The moment when I saw Ka’bah for the first time ,It was a dream come true.

   I’ve been trying to understand the philosophy of Tawaf .Tawaf means to go round something, orbiting. When I love someone, I’d orbiting around him as an expression of love, and a prove that I’m ready to sacrifice everything for my beloved. I’d be ready if he needs me. And that’s how I understand Tawaf. Symbolic way to Show that I love and detached everything just to be around Allah.

♪ Dekha Safa aur Marwa bhi dekha,Rab ke Karam ka Jalwa bhi Dekha 
 After Tawaf, you go walking back and forth betwn 2 hills named Safa and Marwa where the wife of Ibrahim and the Mother of Ismail was walking searching for water for her infant… again the idea of walking 7 times between two hills remembering Allah… praying for Him… asking for whatever you want or need… it is just amazing… you hear people with many different tongues each praying in their own languages each with their own worries and troubles .. all walking ..  in the same direction and praying for The One! The Great!
After that to finalize the rituals you go and cut your hair.And Then,UMRAH is Done.

     Looking at the Kaaba in itself is considered an act of worship… you cannot possibly understand that unless you go there and you start looking at it… and reflecting upon your whole existence… in every possible way… it is just amazing… the presence of the place and the divine connection that you are aware of… since you are not worshipping the black box… but the God who commanded you to go there and do what He asked you to do… that same God who commanded Ibrahim to take his wife and his new son to that empty land and leave them there in His protection… the God who commanded Ibrahim later on to build this house with his son… the God who accepted the prayer of Ibrahim when he wished that this land will be holy and safe and that people will come worshipping God there… the God that many years later brought Mohammed to life there… and then commanded him to leave… the God that asked all Muslims to turn to the Kaa’ba in their prayers wherever they are… the God that hears all… and accepts all who worship Him and only Him with no other partners.
          Ask me to Select 15 Days from my Entire Life AND within a blink of an eye i will say  "8 Days in Madinah and 7 Days in Makkah"

     I would highly recommend every person to go and visit these places… being aware of the importance of both places in the living spirit of Islam…
May Allah accept the worships and prayers of every pure heart that seeks His Light and His Peace…AMEN!

PostScript  :  
             I would like to take this opportunity to express my love and                        would like to Mention/Thanks some people.
a)  Team SDI for Promoting the love & sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and for encouraging and motivating so many Indian souls INCLUDING me.
b)  Ala Hazrat was once asked "How does one INCREASE the Love they have for Muhammad(SAW)?" ---> The Great Imam Replied,"Listen to the Naats recited by Naat Khwaans with Beautiful voices."  
        AND , OWAIS QADRI  is definitely among the one with Beautiful voice.He takes my love for Madinah to the whole NEW LEVEL!

PostScript  2 : 
                      Madina's people are the kindest most friendly people I've EVER dealt with. Makkah, well, can words ever describe that?

Left my Heart in Madinah

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HyderABAD Trip : A Silent Spectator!!!

           Hello There! Been a Long time since I posted here. Anyways,I think its better late than never to write about My Trip to Hyderabad with Happy Group. Yes HAPPY GROUP
       A Little about Happy Group : As the name suggest its meant to be “Happy”. Initially formed with the idea to travel across the globe(xP) and now slowly turning into Social Awareness.Each and Every Member of it Contributes some “Fixed” Amount every Month. At Present,Majority of the members are Family and Relatives. But yes,slowly and steadily it is increasing with wider audience. Enough of Happy Group for the time being.If we Grow(Hopefully Yes),we will talk about it someday later.
      Moving On,The Journey Begins.And to be honest,It was just Insane.Few Members of our group literally ROCKED the train Coach.The Train Journey was Pleasant.By the Time i woke up in the morning we were almost there.As we entered the city by the train,the site of several mosques by the side of the train,The view of the Hussaini Sagar Lake,Lakdi ka pul station,and the clean and wide roads made our first impression about the city pretty good.We Got down at Hyderabad Station and The Real Fun Begins hereafter.

      After the Check In and The Lunch we started off the trip by visiting The NTR Park.

      NTR Park : Hyderabad is Popularly known for its Wonderful Gardens and among 'em is this one.This Extensive garden provides a calm atmosphere with a huge Green Blanket.The Other Major Attraction includes Plaza with Fountain,Machan Tree,Japanese Garden,Roaring Cascade Waterfall,Bowling Alley,Electronic Games etc.And Last But Not the Least,"The Toy Train".

      GOLCONDA FORT : Golconda Fort is one of the major tourist attractions in Hyderabad.It was built by the rulers of kakatiya dynasty in the 13th century.One of the fascinating feature of this fort is its perfectly designed acoustical system by which handclap sounded at the forts main gate can be heard at the top of the citadel.We couldnt explore much of it as we were late.Nonetheless,A Great Historical Monument.
Lumbini Park
      Later in the evening,we went to LUMBINI PARK. Lumbini Park is famous for its Laser show as well as its magnificient musical dancing fountains.A MUST EXPERIENCE thing in the Hyderabad.It was Eye-Soothing.
Street Food at Toli Chowki
      FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! is all we live for. The Pretty exciting day was ended by the Dinner at Toli Chowki famous for its Street Food.

DAY 2 :
      RAMOJI FILM CITY : A Great Visual Extravaganza! 

    I Believe that Ramoji Film City is Among  “The MUST VISIT Places” in India.Some Of he Wonders and Displays in the Film City are too good to be true.Ramoji Film City is one of the world’s largest integrated film studio complex surrounding an area over 2000 Acres.
    As soon as You Enter the Main Gate,You can see the Enormity of the Places.We are soon welcomed in the Traditional Telugu way.When we entered we felt an entire new city all together with Hills,Gardens,Lakes and at the same time flanked with spotless modern architecture.
      The Entire place is nothing but a dream come true.There are many Artificial Sets created for the tourist.Some of them are mentioned below : 
      There is a Set called MOVIE MAGIC  which takes us for a few   minutes into the fantasy World of Movies where everything is bright and shining and in couple of minutes you go around the world.SIMPLY BREATHTAKING!
Ahem! Ahem!
      There is another set called ACTION where they pick up a person from the audience and make a small movie with them.It showcases the Camerawork,Sound Editing,Music Mixing and Editing.This is quite an informative show.I really Liked it.
     Another one was called WILD WEST SHOW  which is actually a stunt show where an action scene is set up in a farm with Gun Firing,Bombings,Building Fallings etc.
     Then there was a SPIRIT OF RAMOJI SHOW  which showcased the Dancing,and some very interesting and entertaining pieces such as Rope dancing,Balancing.Everything was Beautiful!
Rope Dance
      Another Major Attraction is BORASURA. It is a House of horror(Supposed to be xP) Another BreathTaking Experience.Again,A Must Visit .
      Talking about the Natural Beauty,Well the Place is surrounded with "n" Number of Gardens each one with a different theme like A Shell garden,Mughal garden,Mysore Garden,Japanese Garden,Thinking Man's Garden,Hawa Mahal,Arizona Style cactus Garden and a whole lot of them with European look and feel.All of them have been designed to shoot the films without actually going to the real locations.

Laurel and Hardy 
      And Finally,The BUS TOUR which takes you to the various sets that creates scenes like A Village,A Market,An Airport,City Skycrappers and Streets. Then there was another building which is designed as an airport on one side,a hospital on other side,a church on third and a bank on the fourth side.Similarly,There were bungalows with 4 different facades on four sides.Also,There is a fake railway Station with Two Platforms,one that serves as a Village Platform and the other one as a City Platform. MAGNIFICIENT AGAIN all this!
      By the end of the Day,you will be Tired. But Totally Worth It. OVERALL,A Great Place. Later on that day we visited the Old Hyderabad.Which seemed a complete mess. Charminar in photos Looks good,But it aint maintained at all.Same is the case with Makkah Masjid.Then the Dinner and SLEEP!

DAY 3 :
      Still with a Hangover of Ramoji Film City,we started our day 3 by visiting CHOWMAHALLA PALACE.It was Grand and it belonged to the Nizams of Hyderabad.Some of the Notable Attractions Inside this mahal includes Clock Tower,Council Hall,Roshan bangla etc.
     The Final Place to visit was SALARJUNG MUSEUM. It is the Third largest Museum in India.If you are really into art,A Great Place.I WAS BORED though :P

Identical Eh?

Japanese Garden
A Complete Entertaining Package :P
Flora and Fauna
      Later on,Had Biryani at one of the famous restaurants in hyderabad named Shadab.It was Just Ok.Food was a Huge let down in an entire city.Again Visited NTR park just for the Toy Train ride and then we had a train to catch in the night. 
Hotel Shadab

PostScript : HYDERABAD - A Pretty ordinary city with Extraordinary                                                 Ramoji Film City and an OverHyped Food.

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Tribute : Steve Jobs!!! 

     Its been a Year since the Genius Called "Steve Jobs" Left us all for iHeaven.  But its my belief that we never lost him,He is Always with Us.
Its Safe to say his Legacy never will.
(A Lovely Tribute By Apple at  www.apple.com)

We Miss u Steve .. We Miss you Bigtime.

Monday, August 13, 2012


     Its been a week! Life has not been the same since i got MacBook AIR and An iPhone 4SYES! I have been Steve Jobs fanatic for years now and as many of you are aware,More Than Apple Products,I have been fond of Jobs More (Offcourse until using the dream Products) .. Someone has rightly stated , " APPLE is STEVE JOBS & STEVE JOBS is APPLE "

Apple MacBook Air
     When it came to specifications,Compared to my High-End HP Laptop with 4 GB RAM/500 GB HDD, Macbook AIR seemed nothing. But I was Totally WRONG! .. This New Macbook is Stupid Fast! Everything is Instant and moreover it Looks SEXY! ... And after getting used to it now,it reminded me one of the article i read few months back on www.onlygizmos.com. It Stated , " For, Apple Products are not about features and functions,but sheer magic. It is the experience that matters when you are using an iphone or imac,not the specs." HOW TRUE!

Apple iPhone 4S
     THE DREAM PHONE! ... Being an Apple Lover,Android User for Years , I Always dreamt of this gadget. The Specs,The Design etc etc .Hands Down,There is No Comparison for iPhone! No Matter what others say,"This is THE BEST PHONE" ... And The More i use it,the more i fall in Love with It. 
   And Yes , " If you dont have an iPhone,You dont have an iPhone " xP :D

    Oh Steve,I MISS YOU even more now. And No Matter what wise people say,you cannot have a contingency plan to replace CHARISHMA! ... " The Man made us Stop missing Flash on Mobile Devices .. Made us Use Tablets without USB Ports .. Made us Realise that Tech Specs are secondary to User Experience .. And Even convinced so many of us to use Extremely Painful iTunes to Transfer Music to Our Portable Devices. "

Sunday, July 22, 2012

" Boredom is a Pattern, not a Reality " - Paulo Coelho

   Hello There! Do yourself a favour,Read It.

My master and I – Boredom (by Paulo Coelho)

We are sitting in a garden in a French town.
– Deep down, people complain, but they love routines – I said.
– Of course, and the reason is very simple: routines give them the false sensation of being safe. Thus, today will be exactly like yesterday, and tomorrow will bring no surprises. When night falls, part of the soul complains that nothing different was experienced, but another part is content – paradoxically, it is for the same reason.
“Evidently this safety is completely false; no one can control anything, and a change always appears at the moment one least expects it, taking us by surprise and with no chance to react or fight.

– If we are free to decide that we want a uniform life, why does God force us to change it?
– What is reality? It is that which we imagine it to be. If many people “think” that the world is like this or like that, everything around us crystallizes, and nothing changes for some time. However, life is a constant evolution – social, political, spiritual, on whatever level it may be. In order for things to evolve, it is necessary for people to change. As we are all interlinked, sometimes destiny gives those hindering evolution a push.

– Generally in a tragic way…
– Tragedy depends on the way you see it. If you chose to be a victim of the world, anything which happens to you will feed that dark side of your soul, where you consider yourself wronged, suffering, guilty and deserving punishment. If you choose to be an adventurer, the changes – even the inevitable losses, since everything in this world changes – can cause some pain, but will soon thrust you forward, forcing you to react.
“In many oral traditions, wisdom is represented by a temple, with two columns at its entrance: these two columns always have names of opposite things, but in order to illustrate what I mean, we will call one Fear and the other Desire. When a man stands at this entrance, he looks at the column of Fear and thinks: “my God, what will I find further ahead?” Then he looks at the column of Desire and thinks: “my God, I’m so accustomed to that which I have, I wish to continue living as I have always lived.” And he remains still; this is what we call tedium.
– Tedium is…
– Movement which ceases. Instinctively, we know we are wrong, and we revolt. We complain to our husbands, wives, children, neighbors. But, on the other hand, we know that tedium and routine are safe havens.
– Can a person remain his whole life in this situation?
– He can be pushed by life, but resist and remain there, always complaining – and his suffering will be useless, will teach him nothing.
“Yes, a person can stand for the rest of his days facing one of the many doors he should go through, but he must understand that he has only truly lived up to that point. He may continue to breathe, walk, sleep and eat – but with less and less pleasure, because he is already spiritually dead and does not know it.
“Until one day when, as well as his spiritual death, physical death appears; at that moment God will ask: “what did you do with your life?” We must all answer this question, and woe betide those who answer: “I remained standing at the door.”
Link to the Original Article : 

PS : Beautifully written by my favorite author of all time.Thank you for all these wonderful writings – they influence my daylife and my dreamlife.

         Once again, he inspired me to LIVE LIFE with passion

Monday, July 16, 2012

MAHABALESHWAR - Walk in the Clouds!

     By Far,This was the Most Unplanned and the Most Unconvinced trip ever(Thanx to Onkar Wani & Abhijit Naik :P) .. And,What A Day! What A Time! What A Place! … Anyways,6 am start no longer seemed a new thing for us guys. So Here We GoMAHABALESHWAR!  

Mahabaleshwar offers many awesome picturesque n panoramic views. There are almost 15-20 viewpoints,many of which named after notable Britishers. Some of the  popular points we visited were : Venna Lake , Arthur Seat Point etc etc (Sorry,Cant remember the names now xP) .. And if we have missed any other interesting point,BLAME Abhijit! :D (Yes,you deserve it :P)



BOATING At Venna Lake!!!


Yum! Yum! YUMMY!!! :P :D


      And While heading back to pune,we visited the MAPRO GARDENS! That place is just Wow.Hands Down,One of the best thing in Mahabaleshwar!

     I was xpectin a lazy weekend getaway, but it turned out to be the most amazing, fun filled rockin, memorable and unforgettable one.

      Getting lost in clouds n saying hello to the monkeys was fun .. Now Lets Get back to the Normal Life. xP  And Yes one last thing, Ramadan is 3-4 days away .. So Happy Ramadan “In Advance” to all my lovely Stalkers :D . Stay Happy,Stay Blessed and If Possible Plz,Do Remember me in your Prayers!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Beutiful North Indian Vacation with Family..!

     I was about to write the whole amazing experience on this lovely family vacation to Ajmer,Agra & Delhi! But,then again i thought i will fall short of words as it was one of the most memorable & Unforgettable trip indeed :) 
     So Instead of writing,here are some of the Photos we managed to click during the entire trip. 

P.S. : Part II will be Uploaded soon ...